1. Get It!
    Various Artists

  2. All You Girls (Bi*ches)
    Jimmy Norman

  3. Get Your Point Over!
    Various Artists

  4. The Greatest Thing!
    Various Artists

  5. Old School Rarities - The Funky Drum Jams
    Various Artists

  6. Red Moon / Sweet Sweet Lady

  7. Mary, Don't Take Me On No Bad Trip

  8. Captain Rock to the Future Shock
    Captain Rock

  9. Tuff City Records 33 1/3 Anniversary Box: Original Old School Recordings 1982-1986
    Various Artists

  10. Wasted
    The Gaturs

  11. The Hook and Sling
    Eddie Bo

  12. The Psych Funk of Black Merda
    Black Merda

  13. A Night Out With The Boys

  14. Sneakin' (Up Behind You)

  15. New Orleans Senior Prom
    Various Artists

  16. New Orleans Popeye Party
    Various Artists

  17. New Orleans Rock N' Roll Party
    Various Artists

  18. New Orleans Twist Party
    Various Artists

  19. A Black Man's Soul
    Ike Turner & The Kings of Rhythm

  20. His Woman, Her Man
    Ike & Tina Turner

  21. Impeach The President/The Monkey That Became President
    The Honey Drippers/Brotherhood

  22. The 900 Number EP
    The 45 King

  23. Old School Rarities-The Electro Jams
    Various Artists

  24. Without Warning

  25. The Best of YZ

  26. Kick It Out
    Sandra Feva

  27. F-F-F-Fresh
    Davy DMX

  28. Baby I Owe You Something Good
    The Parliaments

  29. Hollywood's World / Smoking Jumbos
    DJ Hollywood

  30. Funky Funky New Orleans
    Various Artists

  31. Funky Funky New Orleans Vol. 2A
    Various Artists

  32. Funky Funky New Orleans Vol. 2B
    Various Artists

  33. Funky Funky New Orleans, Vol. 3
    Various Artists

  34. Funky Funky New Orleans, Vol. 4
    Various Artists

  35. Funky Funky New Orleans 5
    Various Artists

  36. Funky Funky New Orleans Vol. 6
    Various Artists

  37. Senator Jones' Funky Funky New Orleans
    Various Artists

  38. Jazzy Funky New Orleans
    Various Artists

  39. Queen Latifah and the Original Flavor Unit
    Queen Latifah and the Original Flavor Unit

  40. Big Ol' Bag O' Boogaloo Vol. 1
    Various Artists

  41. Big Ol' Bag O' Boogaloo Vol. 2
    Various Artists

  42. Big Ol' Bag O' Boogaloo Vol. 3
    Various Artists

  43. Big Ol' Bag O' Boogaloo Vol. 4
    Various Artists

  44. The Hook & Sling
    Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders

  45. If It's Good To You, It's Good For You
    Eddie Bo

  46. Sissy Walk
    Eddie Bo

  47. So Fine
    Jesse Belvin With The Chargers

  48. To All The Party People
    Grandmaster Caz With Whipper Whip

  49. The Godfather
    Spoonie Gee

  50. Spoonie Gee "Love Rap"/Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous Three "New Rap Language"
    Spoonie Gee/Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous Three

  51. Spoonin' Rap
    Spoonie Gee

  52. The 900 Number
    The 45 King

  53. The Northern Souljers Meet Hi-Rhythm
    Various Artists

  54. Rarities
    DJ Hollywood

  55. Say You'll Be: Rare and Unreleased Big Beat R&B 1982-1983
    Output featuring Jerome "Secret Weapon" Prister

  56. You Need Stitches: The Tuff City Sessions 1982-1988
    Grandmaster Caz

  57. Fresh, Wild, Fly and Bold
    Cold Crush Brothers

  58. Love-Itis
    Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds

  59. 99 Plus One
    June Gardner

  60. One For The Treble/Davy's Scratch
    Davy DMX

  61. Funky Funky Baton Rouge
    Various Artists

  62. Funky Funky Houston: Rare And Unreleased Houston Funk/Soul Recordings From The Vaults Of Ovide Records 1967-1972
    Various Artists

  63. Funky Funky Houston, Vol. 2: Rare and Unreleased Recordings from the Vaults of Ovide Records 1968-1969
    Various Artists

  64. New Orleans' Funkiest Delicacies
    Various Artists

  65. New Orleans' Funkiest Delicacies (Vinyl Edits)
    Various Artists

  66. Funky Funky Soul Folks
    Various Artists

  67. Funky Funky New York
    Various Artists

  68. Funky Funky Chicago
    Various Artists

  69. Funky Funky Detroit
    Various Artists

  70. Searching for a Joy Ride
    George Porter's Joy Ride

  71. It's Hard Times: Rare and Unreleased Detroit Funk 1975 to 1981
    Black Nasty/The A.D.C. Band

  72. The Hawk
    Joe Hunter

  73. Soul Metamorphosis
    Vernard Johnson

  74. A Fecund Fistful O' Funky Delicacies
    Various Artists

  75. A Furred Fistful O' Funky Delicacies
    Various Artists

  76. A Fourth Fistful O' Funky Delicacies
    Various Artists

  77. One Flight Too Many
    The T.S.U. Toronados

  78. Just Havin' A Party
    The Fabulous Fanthoms

  79. Cosmic Dancing

  80. "Society Don't Let Us Down"
    The Barons

  81. Alpha And Omega
    Phil Flowers & His United Family

  82. On The Dirt Road: Rare & Unreleased NY Funk & Soul 1969-1979
    Willie Feaster & The Mighty Magnificents

  83. Jala Jala Woe Woe Baby
    LA New Breed Orquesta

  84. Jala Jala Mozambique
    Hommy Sanz y Sus Jovenes de Puerto Rico

  85. El Mensajero
    Bobby Valentin Y Su Orchestra

  86. Pucho's Descarga
    Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers

  87. Latin Cuban Session

  88. I Don't Want Nobody Else / I've Got To Space
    Georgianna McCoy & The Classetts

  89. Best of Spinett
    Various Artists

  90. Gotta Have Love: Chase Records Vol. 2
    Various Artists

  91. Sidewinder (Remix) / Got Myself A Good Man (Remix)
    Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers

  92. Hey! Ho! Guaguanco!
    Various Artists

  93. I've Learned My Lesson / Don't Do What I Do
    Vernon Garrett

  94. More Jams From No More Parades
    Soul Rebels

  95. No More Parades
    Soul Rebel

  96. Swings
    Willie Rodriguez

  97. Wardell Quezerque: Sixty Smokin' Soul Senders
    Wardell Quezerque

  98. Black Like Me
    Corporation Of One

  99. Truckin'
    Midnight Movers Unltd.

  100. Dancing And Singing For You

  101. Bobby Franklin's Insanity: Rare and Unreissued Chicago Psych Funk
    Bobby Franklin's Insanity

  102. Detroit: 1960's

  103. Mama Calunga
    Johnny Sedes

  104. Descarga Cubana

  105. Impeach the President / Roy C's Theme
    The Honey Drippers

  106. Godfather of Hip Hop
    Spoonie Gee

  107. E-Flat Boogie
    Trouble Funk

  108. Drop The Bomb
    Trouble Funk

  109. Hook and Sling
    Eddie Bo

  110. New Orleans Solo Piano
    Eddie Bo

  111. I'll Give My Heart To You
    Carl Marshall & The S.D.'s

  112. Red Beans & Biscuits
    Andre Williams

  113. Rib Tips & Pig Snoots
    Andre Williams

  114. Whip Your Booty!
    Andre Williams

  115. A Fortune of Hits
    Andre Williams

  116. Long Burn The Fire

  117. The Folks From Mother's Mixer
    Black Merda

  118. Byrd Lives
    Professor Longhair

  119. Ball The Wall
    Professor Longhair

  120. Live at Tipitina's
    Tuts Washington

  121. I've Got What You Need
    Mary Jane Hooper

  122. Psychedelphia
    Mary Jane Hooper

  123. Fine Young Tender
    The Fantastic Aleems & Leroy Burgess

  124. Stepping Out
    The Fantastic Aleems & Leroy Burgess

  125. Messin' Around / Bring It Here
    Wild Sugar

  126. Stoop Down / The Real Thing
    B.B. Jones

  127. (I Need) Altitude
    James Black

  128. It Ain't My Fault
    Smokey Johnson

  129. Hey Young Girl / Midnight in the City
    Vernon Garrett

  130. I Don't Want Nobody Diggin' in My Potato Field / Listen Baby, Please Be Good to Me
    Little Eddie

  131. The Grandest of Them All
    Grandmaster Caz

  132. Breakmania Vol. 1
    Tuff City Squad

  133. Breakmania Vol. 2
    Tuff City Squad

  134. Ricardo Ray Arrives
    Ricardo Ray Orchestra

  135. On The Scene
    Ricardo Ray Orchestra

  136. Three Dimensions
    Ricardo Ray

  137. Heat Wave
    Mr. Willie Rodriguez & Leo Casino

  138. Do the Boogaloo
    New York All Stars and Orquesta Novel

  139. Kool Heat
    Orchestra Kool

  140. Rare Herbs
    Bobby Love

  141. The King of Latin Vibes: Vol. 1
    Louie Ramirez

  142. What Happened To My Blues
    Willie Dixon

  143. Catalyst
    Willie Dixon

  144. A Chance For Hope
    The Live Band

  145. Cold Blooded Games In The Ghetto
    Gene Anderson & The Dynamic Psychedelics

  146. The Wardell Quezerque Sessions
    Robert Parker

  147. Po'k Bones & Rice
    Sam & The Soul Machine

  148. Zig-A-Zig-A-ZZ
    DJ Mark the 45 King

  149. Hustler's Strut
    Chuck Simmons

  150. An Intro To Night Train New Orleans
    Various Artists

  151. Funk Is On The One
    Various Artists


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Originally rooted in hip-hop, Tuff City has transitioned its focus toward rescuing thousands of blues, jazz, funk, soul and R&B treasures from obscurity, thus creating several specialized reissue imprints devoted to music of the highest caliber.

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